Your Parish Councillors

Kingmoor Parish Council has eight Councillors plus a Clerk and meets in the Rockcliffe Centre, Rockcliffe every two months, usually on the third Thursday of the month.

All the Councillors are voluntary, part-time and take neither salary nor expenses whereas the Clerk, also part-time, receives a small salary.

Kingmoor Councillors are very ‘hands-on’ and are frequently involved in Planning site visits, meeting with City and County councillors regarding traffic calming measures, delivering leaflets, planting bulbs etc. It was as a result of the Parish Council efforts that Cargo now has a 20mph speed limit.

The Councillors

If you wish to contact one of the Councillors direct, please use the email addresses below, otherwise please use the contact form on the Contact Us page.

Cllr. Rob Graham, Chairman
Chair of Planning Working Group
Declaration of Interests

Cllr. Lesley Faulder, Vice Chairman
Declaration of Interests

Cllr. Margaret Dickson
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Cllr. Mike Kirkwood
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Cllr. Phil Logan
Member of Planning Working Group
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Cllr. Mick Jones
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Cllr. Geoff Wade
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All Councillors can be contacted via the Clerk

Sonia Hutchinson

Email the clerk.