Planning Applications

The Parish Council meet every two months during which responses to Planning Applications are considered. The Parish Council does not have executive powers to accept or reject applications, but our views are considered when the application is determined by the relevant authority. We also contribute views on Local Area and Regional Strategies on subjects such as housing, transport, environment and employment.

How does it work?

Copies of applications are received by the Chairman from the Planning Office.
The Chairman calls the Planning Working Group together to discuss the planning applications received. The comments agreed by the Working Group are then given to the Clerk to pass to the Planning Office. At the next parish council meeting a schedule of the planning comments submitted between parish Council meetings is presented to the Parish Council for ratification.

Current Planning Applications

Below are a list of the most recent planning applications received by the parish council. You are free to comment on any application by clicking on the link below or by providing the parish council with your views.:

Ref. No. Description
19/0071Change Of Use From Vacant Land/Grassed Area Into Vehicle Parking | Land to south of Unit I, Princess Park Way, Kingmoor Park Central, Carlisle, CA6 4SD
19/0070Demolition Of Redundant Toilet Block; Change Of Use Of Redundant Grassed Area Into Car Parking Associated With Existing Units | Land to east of Unit C, Earls Way, Kingmoor Park Central, Carlisle, CA6 4SE
19/0085Erection Of Modular Office Buildings Together With Circulation Space, Cafe And Landscaping | Units D, E, K Baron Way, Kingmoor Business Park, Carlisle, CA6 4SJ
Erection Of A High Bay Building For The Assembly And Testing Of Large Specialist Door Systems Without Compliance With Condition 2 (Approved Documents) Imposed On Planning Permission 18/0021 To Amend Elevational Drawings | Unit F, Kingmoor Park Road, Kingmoor Park Central, Carlisle, CA6 4SE
19/0198Erection Of 71no. Dwellings Without Compliance With Condition 2 Imposed On Planning Permission 17/1028 To Amend Site Plan And House Types | Land to north of Kingmoor Industrial Estate, Kingmoor Road, Carlisle
19/0177Formation Of Additional Customer Parking And Vehicle Sales Display Area; Installation Of Soft And Hard Landscaping (Retrospective) | Border Toyota, Parkhouse Road, Carlisle, CA3 0JR
19/0245Erection Of 172No. Dwellings (Approval of Reserved Matters Pursuant To Outline Permission 14/0761) Without Compliance With Condition 2 Imposed On Planning Permission 17/0480 For House Type Substitutions, Revised Elevation Treatments And Revised Drainage & Landscape Design | Land at Greymoorhill, Kingstown Road, Kingstown, Carlisle
19/0247Erection Of 25no. Dwellings (Revision Of Previously Approved Permission 17/0480 To Increase The Number Of Dwellings From 17no. To 25no.) | Land at Greymoorhill, Kingstown Road, Kingstown, Carlisle
19/0347Erection Of 2no. Semi-Detached Dwellings | Land Adjacent West End Farm, Cargo, Carlisle, CA6 4AW
19/0330Erection Of 1no. Dwelling (Reserved Matters Application Pursuant To Outline Approval 18/0710) | Land to the South of Oak House, Cargo, CA6 4AW
19/0355Erection Of Single Storey Modular Building To Provide Extension To Office | Unit F, Kingmoor Park Road, Kingmoor Park Central, Carlisle, CA6 4SE
19/0356Formation Of Car Park | Unit F, Kingmoor Park Road, Kingmoor Park Central, Carlisle, CA6 4SE
19/0373Erection Of 2no. Bungalows | Land adjacent Hill View, Cargo, Carlisle, CA6 4AW
19/0383Two Storey Side Extension To Extend Garage And Convert It Into Kitchen/Dining Room With 1no. Bedroom Above; Single Story Extension To Rear To Replace Existing Conservatory | 3 Edenside, Cargo, Carlisle, CA6 4AQ
19/0391Erection Of Ground Mounted Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Panels And Associated Infrastructure | Land west of Dukes Drive, Kingmoor Park North, Carlisle
19/0447External Alterations To Upgrade Facades And Installation Of New Shopfronts Associated With The Subdivision Of The Homebase Unit Into 2no. Units; Location: Homebase, Unit C Kingstown Retail Park, Parkhouse Road, Carlisle, CA3 0JR
19/9004Importing waste soils and inert material under the provisions of a Recovery Permit, issued by the Environment Agency, in order to extend an embankment supporting a residential property. Initial Planning consent approved 09/09/2013. Location: Cargo Hill Farm, road leading from Kingmoor Road junction to bridge south of Rockcliffe Estate, Cargo, Carlisle,CA64AL
19/0505Display Of 2no. Internally Illuminated Totem Signs
Land west of Junction 44, Parkhouse, Carlisle

19/0511Removal Of Condition 39 (Undergrounding Of Pylons) Of Previously Approved Application 09/0617 | Crindledyke, Carlisle, Cumbria
19/0556Removal Of Conditions Of Previously Approved Permissions 90/1152 (Conditions 10, 11, 12, 16); 92/0219 (Conditions 7, 8, 9, 12); 92/0733 (Conditions 7, 8, 9, 11); 99/0313 (Condition 6); 01/0075 (Condition 6) And 15/0418 (5) Relating To Hours Of Operation; Restricting The Movement Or Operation Of Vehicles Or Plant Within And To And From The Sawmill; Restricting The Despatch Of Timber Or By-Products From The Site And Deliveries Of Timber And Restricting The Maintenance, Repair, Servicing, Replacement Or Re-Fitting Works To Plant, Equipment Or Vehicles | BSW Sawmills, Cargo, Carlisle, CA6 4BA
19/0655Display Of Externally Illuminated Fascia Sign | Unit 3, Acorn Business Park, Merchants Drive, Parkhouse, Carlisle, CA3 0JW
19/0658Erection Of Detached Building For Agricultural Use And Stables | Brambly Hedge, Cargo, Carlisle, CA6 4AW
19/0665Change Of Use From B1 (Office) To D1c (Education Facility) | Unit 12a, Clifford Court, Cooper Way, Parkhouse, Carlisle, CA3 0JG
19/0718Signs for North Entry, East Entry & South Entry to Kingmoor Park | Kingmoor Park Properties, Kingmoor Park, Carlisle
19/0733Display Of 3no. Non Illuminated Fascia Signs | Unit F, Kingmoor Park Road, Kingmoor Park Central, Carlisle, CA6 4SE
19/0711Variation Of Condition 2 (Approved Documents) Of Previously Approved Application 19/0347 (Erection Of 2no. Semi-Detached Dwellings) To Amend The House Dimensions | Land Adjacent West End Farm, Cargo, Carlisle, CA6 4AW