Planning Applications

The Parish Council meet every two months during which responses to Planning Applications are considered. The Parish Council does not have executive powers to accept or reject applications, but our views are considered when the application is determined by the relevant authority. We also contribute views on Local Area and Regional Strategies on subjects such as housing, transport, environment and employment.

How does it work?

Copies of applications are received by the Chairman from the Planning Office.
The Chairman calls the Planning Working Group together to discuss the planning applications received. The comments agreed by the Working Group are then given to the Clerk to pass to the Planning Office. At the next parish council meeting a schedule of the planning comments submitted between parish Council meetings is presented to the Parish Council for ratification.

Current Planning Applications

Below are a list of the most recent planning applications received by the parish council. You are free to comment on any application by clicking on the link below or by providing the parish council with your views.:

19/0733Display Of 3no. Non Illuminated Fascia Signs | Unit F, Kingmoor Park Road, Kingmoor Park Central, Carlisle, CA6 4SE
19/0711Variation Of Condition 2 (Approved Documents) Of Previously Approved Application 19/0347 (Erection Of 2no. Semi-Detached Dwellings) To Amend The House Dimensions | Land Adjacent West End Farm, Cargo, Carlisle, CA6 4AW
19/0858Removal Of Shrubbery To Create 6no. Additional Parking Bays; Installation Of Electrical Barrier, Convex Mirror And Designated HGV Loading Area | CCF, Unit G, Kingmoor Park North, Duchess Avenue, Carlisle, CA6 4SH
19/0005EIA Scoping Opinion Request For Residential Development | Crindledyke, Carlisle, Cumbria
19/0953Erection Of 75no. Dwellings; Revision Of Previously Approved Permission 17/0480 To Increase Units From 68no. To 75no. | Land at Greymoorhill, Kingstown Road, Kingstown, Carlisle
19/0963Demolition Of Redundant Dwelling And Erection Of 1no. Replacement Dwelling | Greenside, Stainton, Carlisle, CA3 9QX
19/0988Variation Of Condition 2 (Approved Documents) Of Previously Approved Application 19/0330 (Erection Of 1no. Dwelling (Reserved Matters Application Pursuant To Outline Approval 18/0710)) To Amend The Proposed Method For The Disposal Of Surface Water Together With Outfall From Package Treatment Plant | Land to the South of Oak House, Cargo, CA6 4AW
20/0070Erection Of Replacement Porch/Reception | Harker Grange, Houghton, Carlisle, CA6 4HY
19/0556Removal Of Conditions Of Previously Approved Permissions 90/1152 (Conditions 10, 11, 12, 16); 92/0219 (Conditions 7, 8, 9, 12); 92/0733 (Conditions 7, 8, 9, 11); 99/0313 (Condition 6); 01/0075 (Condition 6) And 15/0418 (5) Relating To Hours Of Operation; Restricting The Movement Or Operation Of Vehicles Or Plant Within And To And From The Sawmill; Restricting The Despatch Of Timber Or By-Products From The Site And Deliveries Of Timber And Restricting The Maintenance, Repair, Servicing, Replacement Or Re-Fitting Works To Plant, Equipment Or Vehicles Location: BSW Sawmills, Cargo, Carlisle, CA6 4BA
20/0164 Erection Of 2no. Detached Dwellings | L/A West End Farm, Cargo, Carlisle, CA6 4AW
20/0204Erection Of 2no. Detached Dwellings | Land Adj To Hill View, Cargo, Carlisle, CA6 4AW