Kingmoor Marshalling Yard

At a cost of 4.5 million Kingmoor New Yard was one of the largest and most ambitious projects undertaken during the modernisation of British Railways. The site chosen for the Kingmoor New Yard was a strip of land alongside the old Caledonian main line to Glasgow which was purchased in 1956 with work beginning 3 years later in 1959. The yard was fully operational in 1963. In the mid 1960’s Kingmoor Yard was very busy. The peak number of trains handled in a day was 134 whilst the largest number of wagons sorted was 4.050.

However the opening of the M6 motorway resulted in a decline in freight services during the 1970’s which continued into the 1980’s. Many have predicted the complete disappearance of the Kingmoor Yard but it is still in existence today.